Frequently Asked Questions

Do your hats come in different sizes or just one size?

Hats are either adult (one size) or children's (one size). If an adult has a smaller sized head they can often wear a child's hat.


How long does it normally take the hats to arrive once I order online?

We send hat orders out on Monday through Friday.  It often takes our Post Office a day to process the order. Hats can arrive as early as 3 days after being ordered and sometimes will take 7 business days to get there, depending on where they are sent.


What happens if I need to return my hat?

We will gladly refund your money minus the shipping charges if you would like to return your hat. The hat must not be showing any wear and we accept returns that are post dated within 30 days of the day we shipped the hat to you.


Is it possible to exchange my hat if I do not like it?

Believe it or not, we only have a few returns and exchanges each year. Most people are very happy with our hats.  If you would like to exchange it we will gladly exchange it. Please return it within 30 days of the date you ordered it.  We will need to charge a new shipping charge when we resend your (exchanged) hat order.


Are these hats hand made?

Yes, all hats are hand made in Nepal. These hats are made with a very high quality yarn and high quality fleece linings. They are not like other hats that you may find with lesser quality yarn. This is why they cost a little bit more. Most people who order our hats will reorder them and we have nearly a 100% satisfaction rate as far as happy customers appreciating the quality of these hats.  The hats are made by a women's cooperative in Nepal. 


I am allergic to wool. My hat needs to be fully lined with fleece. Are all hats fully lined with fleece?

All of our hats do have fleece linings. Due to the designs of the hats, some of the beanie hats and bill type hats have half fleece linings.  The earflap hats have full fleece linings.